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Pat and Martyn are Artists and Funfly Design is our business name.
As you can guess from the title, we have an interest in aviation. was first registered in 1996 initially hosting an aviation magazine and specialist search engine (long before the days of Google and Yahoo). Over the last few years it has hosted our artwork and designs.
Both of us used to fly and we have owned a number of different types of aircraft but, as age creeps on,  this hobby no longer occupies us - it is a hobby that had inherent dangers and was costly to pursue.
So nowadays we both pursue more aesthetic hobbies;
Pat's paintings can be seen on the walls of various galleries and her jewellery adorns many a glamorous décolletage.
Martyn's videos on art history and his books on art available on Amazon. His guitar playing has been reported to bring tears to the eyes of the discerning listener!